Nov 10, 2009

PhRMA Calls for FDA to Expand Its Thinking on Social Media And Paid Search

With less than 3 days to go until the social media hearings at FDA PhRMA calls for FDA to develop a mark or 'bug' to link to agency-approved product information and patient medical guides (yes, the same PhRMA that has significantly restricted pharma and agencies in recent DTP promotion guidelines).

An oxymoron of sorts...isn't it?

PhRMA SVP Ken Johnson issued a statement that "Leveraging the FDA's logo -- or a universal FDA-approved graphic symbol -- in search results and throughout the Web would inform patients, at a glance, that they were visiting a legitimate site that contains comprehensive FDA-regulated benefit and risk information."

Further, Johnson states that "Such a logo...could include a universal warning statement noting that all drugs carry risks and [invite] viewers to 'click here for more information'"

PhRMA suggests that this line of thinking would provide access to indication of risks when there is little space. These suggestions come as a 'preamble' to the trade group's testimony at FDA's public hearings later this week.

We used to view PhRMA as an obstacle -- a barrier to entry of sorts. Isn't it deliciously odd that we are now very strange bedfellows?

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